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Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean our skin is protected from the ravages of free radicals. In fact, as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, the skin’s natural defence will become fragile, from the sun’s UVB rays and the harmful damaging effects of environmental and digital blue-ray pollutants. Even the stress and strain can weigh in on our health and take a toll on our complexion.

Luckily, all these can be reversed with the New Skin Defence Therapy. The skin’s first line of defence treatment specifically developed to draw out impurities, increase cells’ viability and replenish nutrients to keep our skin healthy and radiant.

Magnetic Dead Sea Mud Detox Pack

Purifying properties of the Dead Sea mud and the magnetic properties in iron offer an effective way of removing accumulated toxins, impurities, and excess sebum by deep cleansing every pore. The electromagnetic interactions create a ‘force field effect’ to draw and pull out environmental pollutants like metal and chemical burdens not seen by the naked eye. The magnetic current circulates micro-circulation to energise, re-texturise and revive the skin’s youthful appearance.

Other key ingredients include Snow Lotus Extract for even-toned and brighter skin; Yerba Santa Ferment Extract for its moisturising and hydrating effect; and Helichrysum Extract to reconstruct collagen fibres weakened by ageing.

Dead Sea Mud detox pack

Skin Detox Oil Massage For Defined Lift

Next, we add on the benefits GuaSha facial massage to activate and nourish the skin from within. To facilitate smooth yet intense massage strokes for lymphatic drainage, a blend of Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils, rich in antioxidants and essential oleic and linoleic acids are used to improve micro-circulation, boosts collagen, tones and defines jawline.

Ultra Defense Skin Booster

This is the radiance plus youthful glow booster for that perfect selfie skin finishing touch. Not only does it delay premature ageing it blocks out the damaging invisible blue-light emissions from digital devices. Key ingredients include PolluGuard for even-toned and smooth complexion; Blight-X packed with huge amount of proteins and exopolysaccharides (EPS) for firm, hydrated skin and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a powerful Vitamin C to defend the skin cells from oxidative stress.

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Stressed-out skin can trigger skin problems
such as premature skin ageing, redness,
fine lines, dull and congested skin.


New Defence Therapy only $68 (Save $152)

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Skin Defence Therapy Only $68 (Save $152)

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