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Lasting Smoothness With The Hair removal You
Can Trust -
Effective And Professional

DepiluxTM Hair Free System

$28 U.P. $350

  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms
  • Abdominal Trail

Achieve Lasting Smoothness

with zero fuss with the DepiluxTM Hair Free System. Painless, safe and effective, enjoy an exceptional experience in hair removal with the top-notch equipment and technologies and a highly trained team of professionals.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

At Bella Marie France, science and technology are our heart and soul and we stay ever committed to ensuring that you get the very best. The DepiluxTM Hair Free System is a curated integration of the most sophisticated and effective hair removal technologies from leading experts in the IPL technological field.

Combining world-class innovation and safety standards, the DepiluxTM Hair Free System is FDA approved, having satisfied all safety, efficacy and security standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration and is also issued the trusted CE Mark as a declaration of meeting all stringent and compulsory medical, safety and reliability directives of the European Medical Device Direction (EMDD).

A Trusted Team
of Professionals

You are in the very best of hands with our highly trained team of IPL specialists. With years of experience under their belts, they begin by analyzing your skin condition, hair type and Fitzpatrick skin type to ascertain the best IPL treatment method suitable for you. With the treatments conducted in a safe and intimate environment, the specialist will be with you every step of the way to ensure your maximum comfort and experience.

How Does DepiluxTM Hair Free System Work?

The DepiluxTM Hair Free System operates through Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technologies where a pulsed light is transmitted along the hair shaft, right down into each follicle to terminate the hair bulb, destroying hair follicles in the active growth stage (Anagen phase). As you complete more sessions, hair will be thinner and fewer with a slower rate of regrowth, giving silky smoothness in the long run.

Our advanced system also incorporates a Dual Mode Filtering that eliminates all non-relevant wavelengths and prevents adverse thermal effects such as redness and burns. Uniquely designed applicators provides the flexibility between traditional stop-and-start

technique or continuous contact in slide mode which delivers more efficiency and effectiveness, for quicker treatment times.

A refreshing combination of ice pack and recovery gel formulated of 100% Aloe Vera is applied post-treatment to soothe and cool down the skin.

How does Depilux hair free system work?

Benefits of DepiluxTM Hair Free System

Achieve Silky Hair-Free Skin That Lasts With The DepiluxTM Hair Free System

Now: at only $28 (U.P. $350)

CHOOSE FROM: Bikini Line Underarms Abdominal Trail

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