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Our range of products

Price improvement implemented as of 1 September 2020 on all skin and body products.

Supercharge your skin or body well-being treatment in the comfort of your own home with our exclusive take-home products. Each is specially formulated to complement our treatments and provide daily maintenance for optimum results.

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Our range of products
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Instant Reduction & ActivSculpt Serum
Instant Reduction & ActivSculpt SerumDetails
Balance Sebum Control Shampoo
Balance Sebum Control ShampooDetails
Balance Sebum Control Tonic
Balance Sebum Control TonicDetails
Defence Regulating Pre-Shampoo
Defence Regulating Pre-ShampooDetails
Defence Hair Booster Shampoo
Defence Hair Booster ShampooDetails
Defence Hair Booster Tonic
Defence Hair Booster TonicDetails
Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On The Grow’ Serum
Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On The Grow’ SerumDetails
Prorepair Restore Shampoo
Prorepair Restore ShampooDetails