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Cell Booster Plus Serum

This serum targets to remove signs of stress, tiredness and lacklustre conditions caused by external aggressions. A high concentration of Taurine and Revitalising Marine Active help to restore the skin's vitality and brilliance and fight against dehydration. The skin feels soft, toned and radiates with a natural glow. This serum is paraben-free.


  • Press the cap of the ampoule with some pressure until you hear a light 'click' sound
  • Dispense a sufficient amount of the intensive serum on clean skin. Massage gently with fingertips until serum is fully penetrated. Follow by a suitable moisturiser
  • Recap the ampoule and keep in a cool place until the next use. It is advised to finish the opened ampoule within a week
  • Always keep the un-opened ampoules in the box, so as to protect from light and heat


Product size: 5 x 4ml
Retail price: SGD290