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Vital Rejuvenation Face Mask

A new generation skin mask that promises ultra hydration, whitening, renewed radiance and vitality. The precisely designed 3-D mask wraps the skin with moisture-laden ingredients, thanks to its unique 100% plant woven microfibers called Cellulose. It clings on to the facial contours like a second skin, and brings freshness, velvety softness and instant illumination, eradicating any signs of skin fatigue and dullness.


  • Best applied on clean, dry face
  • Before opening the sachet, use your fingertips to gently distribute the serum evenly
  • Open the sachet, take out the mask and carefully unfold
  • The mask has 3 layers - One Cellulose layer sandwiched between 2 protective thin fabric layers
  • Remove and discard one of the protective layers
  • Place the Cellulose sheet onto the face, adjusting the eye, nose and mouth openings
  • With the mask on the face, carefully peel off the next protective layer
  • Gently smooth the mask over the entire face, eliminating any folds or air pockets
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes before removing the mask
  • Gently pat any remaining serum into the skin
  • No rinsing necessary


Product size: 6 x 20g
Retail price: SGD125