Fann's slimming success

Embarking on motherhood is never easy, especially with new responsibilities and the burden of inevitable post-pregnancy weight gain. This is why Fann chose our cutting-edge slimming solutions, resulting in a loss of 16kg and over 29 inches, and giving her the transformative boost that all successful mothers need.*

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Fann Wong
Phase 1


The first phase consists of a series of 4 treatments, specially customised to detoxify while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Soft fats, water retention, and cellulite will also be significantly reduced.

- Dynamic Sculptor
- I-Laser Sculpt
- Cryocelle Phased Therapy

Benefits - Stimulates circulation and tissue oxygenation
- Detoxifies and improves vascular flow and lymphatic drainage
- Increases metabolism and anti-oxidants in your body
- Targets water retention

Phase 2


The second phases targets fats in stubborn areas and sculpts effectively*. Body contours and skin texture will be refined during this 4-stage stimulation phase, with a collagen boost that will rapidly reduce unsightly stretch marks.

- Pro-Freeze
- Indiba BodyCurve System
- V'Pro Advance

Benefits - Intensifies burning and degenerate stubborn fats
- Stimulates collagen and reduces stretch marks
- Firms connective tissues
- Precise and targeted elimination of fats

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Phase 3


The final phase of this holistic approach focuses on accentuating body curves and firming of the skin, helping you achieve that desirable transformation to a slimmer you.

- Indiba BodyCurve System
- Venus Freeze
- Acoustic Radial Therapy

Benefits - Sculpts and contours the body curves
- Reduces appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
- Improves skin texture, smoothness and elasticity

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Fann Wong, Radiant during a photoshoot